21 Jump Street (2012) Movie Review

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21 Jump Street was released on March 16, 2012 and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. This movie is part action and part comedy and the two pieces really blend well together. The writers did a good job of allowing the comedy to really be the driving force in the movie.

The actors in this movie were also great. Channing Tatum is always great. He added a lot of comedy to the mix and did a good job as being Jenko. Jonah Hill also was good as Schmidt. He did a good job at being the “cool guy” and it was funny to see him as popular and Jenko as being the nerd. Overall, the cast in this movie was very great, they all played their roles well and made sure that the story moved smoothly.

Considering this is a remake of a popular TV show it did very well. The reviews were good which is something that usually doesn’t happen with remakes of TV shows. I thought that this movie was extremely funny and the story really appealed to me. The characters fit perfectly into the story and I couldn’t think of any other actors playing Jenko and Schmidt. Parts of the story seemed a bit cheesy, which is probably my only complaint. Even though the somewhat cheesy parts are somewhat a downside, you could also view them as being positive. They weren’t taking the movie too seriously because they knew that it was just a dumb, fun story. 21 Jump Street is definitely a movie that I feel anyone could enjoy. It offers a lot of laughs and is overall just a great time. I give this movie an 8 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness as it is a great comedy that anyone could have a good time with.

Thanks for reading this review and feel free to comment how you felt about 21 Jump Street. Also suggest any others movies you would like to see reviewed or any series you would like to see ranked. Cinema lovers unite!

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