Get Hard (2015) Movie Review

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Get Hard was released March 27, 2015 and directed by Etan Cohen. It is a movie that just by the title you can tell is very comedic. The whole premise of this movie is basically just seeing Kevin Hart try to make Will Ferrell tougher. While it is very funny at times, the comedy is sometimes very strange and will definitely not appeal to everyone.

I felt as if the story in this movie could have been carried out a lot better than it was. There were elements that I really liked. The parts of the movie where it was just Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell synced nicely. However, it faced a lot of problems keeping my attention when there were just dumb sequences placed in randomly.

The cast in this movie was obviously great. If it was another two lead actors this movie would not have gained as much traction as it did and it would have not been as popular. With that being said, Will Ferrell had a decent performance. He played James King who was very rich, and had to go to jail so he needed toughened up. I think that he played this character to the best of his ability, but at times it seemed as if he didn’t fit the role perfectly. Kevin Hart played Darnell Lewis whose job was to help James “get hard” for prison. Overall, he played his character well, and it was really just the average Kevin Hart performance.

Overall, Get Hard is a decent comedy movie that sometimes has jokes that fall flat. The leading actors definitely try to hold the movie together and in the end it does deliver a lot of laughs. I think that it is worth a watch if you are a Kevin Hart or Will Ferrell fan and you like comedies. I give this movie a 5 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness as it is just an average movie.

Thank you for reading my review of Get Hard and please feel free to comment how you felt about the movie. Also, you can suggest any other movie you would like to see reviewed or ranked. Cinema lovers unite!

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