Kong: Skull Island (2017) Movie Review

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Kong: Skull Island premiered in the U.S. on March 10, 2017 and was directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. It is a movie filled with a lot of cool shots, and several awesome fight scenes.

The cast was pretty great for a “MonsterVerse” movie. Tom Hiddleston played James Conrad who was the leader of the expedition. His mission was to help the group stay safe and make sure that they all got back. He played his role well, and there really weren’t any complaints from me about his performance. Samuel L. Jackson played Preston Packard who was the Lieutenant Colonel in the military. He was one of the antagonist’s in the movie as he only wanted to kill Kong, but obviously failed at that. He also did a great job in his role, and I really liked his performance. Brie Larson played Mason Weaver who was the photographer for the expedition. She delivered a decent performance, but her character wasn’t that interesting to me. Finally, John Goodman played Bill Randa who ran Monarch and went on the expedition to Skull Island. I thought his performance was pretty average too as his character wasn’t in the story a ton and he didn’t say a lot. Overall, I thought the cast was above average for a movie that is centered around a monster.

This movie had a lot of things that I really enjoyed. The first main thing that I liked was the monsters. King Kong looked amazing… and I mean amazing! The detail put into each single hair on him was really awesome, and the work paid off. The next thing that was great were the fight scenes. They set up the scenes in sunlight and that really helped so we could see everything clearly. Then some scenes were in water which added a cool effect of seeing all of the splashing water as they were fighting. Then some other scenes were filled with smoke which also was a cool effect. Overall, they just put a lot of care into each individual fight scene. They took different things that people wanted to see, and managed to make them all into different fight scenes. I really appreciated all of the care put into the monster and the fights.

There really weren’t many things that I disliked about this movie. However, one small thing is disliked was how cheesy it got during the third act. I felt as if them discovering Hank Marlow had been living on the island for such a long time was just kind of dumb. It took away all of the work they had done as he just started throwing all of the facts at us at once. I would have liked to see what the characters would have done without him telling them everything. This did bother me a little bit, however it wasn’t a huge deal.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who has previously watched and loved the Godzilla or King Kong movies. It offered great action and the care put into crafting King Kong was great. In the end, I really think that even people who haven’t previously watched movies like this could still enjoy it.

Rating– 7.5 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness. The detail put into the monsters is extraordinary, however the story lacked in parts.

Thank you for reading this review and feel free to comment what you thought of Kong: Skull Island. You may also suggest any other movies or TV shows that you would like to see reviewed or ranked. Cinema lovers unite!

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