Baywatch (2017) Movie Review

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Baywatch was released in the U.S. on May 25, 2017 and was directed by Seth Gordon. It is a raunchy comedy that is very stupid… but it embraces it!

The movie starts off with Matt Brody showing up to be a lifeguard at the beach right before tryouts begin. He explains to the Lieutenant (Mitch) that he doesn’t need to try out as he says he just gets the job. He goes through several obstacles and competitions against Mitch and gets on the lifeguard team. After struggling and disobeying orders several times he almost gets kicked off the team, but receives a second chance. It is then discovered that drugs are moving along the beach so the team goes undercover to find out who is supplying them.

The cast in this movie is really what made it worth watching. Dwayne Johnson played Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon. He was perfect for this role as he is really muscular and looks the part. He also brings a great personality to the story and is insanely funny at times. Zac Efron plays Matt Brody who is a former Olympic gold medalist who is new to the lifeguard team. Just like Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron definitely fits his role very well. He put in a lot of work training to get in great shape for this movie and brings a lot of charm. He and Dwayne Johnson have great chemistry as they are together for most of the movie. The main villain in the film is Victoria Leeds played by Priyanka Chopra. She isn’t in the movie for an extended amount of time, however she did a good job and I didn’t have any complaints with her performance. Alexandra Daddario plays Summer Quinn who is also a new lifeguard and a love interest of Matt Brody. She is very funny in her role and I liked what she brought to the story. The rest of the lifeguards are CJ Parker (Kelly Rohrbach), Stephanie Holden (Ilfenish Hadera), and Ronnie Greenbaum (Jon Bass). They each brought a lot of comedy to the movie and I also appreciated what they brought to the film.

There were a lot of things that I really enjoyed about this film. First, it was just really stupid, funny, and entertaining. There’s a big difference between a movie that is actually stupid bad and a movie that is stupid and everyone making it knows it. They knew that this was a movie full of half-naked people running in slow motion around helping people. They put people in this film that they knew would have fun with it and that definitely showed. All of the cast seemed like they were having a blast making this movie and that is awesome. Therefore, this is a dumb movie… but it’s so funny and entertaining that it makes it a guilty pleasure. There were also some action sequences in this that were actually pretty well made and cool. I also thought that the story in this was very entertaining. It’s a plot that we’ve seen before with the drugs, however they put their own flavor on it and made it their own. My favorite part of the movie was when we got to see Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson battling it out and lifting. I wish that they could have actually added more of that to the film. Finally, I did like that they had the R rating on this movie. This allowed for a lot more adult jokes that were very funny and it gave it more of a target audience.

There were so many things that I enjoyed about this movie which leads me to my next topic: the critics. I have no clue why this movie has such a low critics rating (17% on rotten tomatoes). The problem with this rating is that they are basing their review purely on if the film makes sense. Of course parts won’t make sense! We are watching a movie that is about half-naked people running around in slow motion solving crimes and saving lives. It is purely just a movie about having fun. It is a summer movie where you can just sit back, relax, and have a good time. Therefore, I think this is a lot better than what the reviews say as it is seriously hilarious and a great/entertaining time.

My only complaint about this movie is that it obviously is a little too cheesy sometimes. Some of the slightly cheesy parts are flat out hilarious, however there are some parts where they go too far. I also think that the plot went in too many different directions from time to time. Otherwise, I really did like everyone else that they did with this movie.

Baywatch is a film that can be enjoyed by people who loved the original series and really anyone who likes comedies. There are so many moments that are hilarious and had me laughing nonstop. I would say that children should definitely not see this as it is full of dirty jokes and shirtless people.

Rating- 7.5 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness. A dumb movie that embraces what it is and delivers a good time!

Thank you for reading this review and feel free to comment what you thought of Baywatch. You may also suggest any other movies or TV shows that you would like to see reviewed or ranked. Cinema lovers unite!

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