Child’s Play (2019) Movie Review

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Let me start off with this… I really enjoyed this movie.

The Child’s Play “remake” is widely released in cinemas on June 21, 2019, however there are some screenings on June 20. I was lucky enough to be able to go see it opening night and I was very pleasantly surprised.

Child’s Play was directed by Lars Klevberg. The major cast members included Mark Hamill (voice of Chucky), Aubrey Plaza (Karen), Gabriel Bateman (Andy), and Brian Tyree Henry (Mike). Everyone who is concerned about Chucky’s voice can stop worrying… Mark Hamill did a brilliant job. He brings his own charm to the character and I appreciated his voice very quickly. I also very much enjoyed Gabriel Bateman’s performance as Andy. His character had to connect with Chucky and I felt like he did a good job with that. He also had to show several different levels of emotion and his performance seemed completely realistic to me. Aubrey Plaza also delivered a good performance as Andy’s mom Karen. Her acting wasn’t groundbreaking, however she did a good job with her role. Finally, I really enjoyed Brian Tyree Henry as Mike. I enjoyed how his character brought comedy to the movie and he also ended up with a major role. The cast definitely pulled their weight more than I had expected so that is a plus for this film.

The main thing that I enjoyed about this movie was that it was a completely new take on the character. Rather than being supernatural in nature, Chucky now is basically a robot with artificial intelligence. I enjoyed seeing a new take on the character that was more modern. At the beginning of the film I thought that Chucky did look a little weird. However, as time went on I got used to it and when I left I actually felt as if they did a good job with his looks. Next, the kills in this movie were insanely good and unique. They didn’t just use the standard kills that we have seen before, but instead they came up with new ideas that we have never seen. I really appreciated the care that they put into crafting these scenes. The next thing that I enjoyed was the pacing of the film. While the first half isn’t very crazy, the second half picks up and goes completely haywire. I actually appreciated the first half of the film a lot as it had a creepy vibe and set up the crazy second half of the story. Finally, I just really enjoyed all of the characters in this movie. Andy and Chucky had a genuine friendship in this film which we haven’t seen before. All of the characters in this story were of some significance and I liked how all of them were portrayed. There were really so many things that I loved about this movie.

The soundtrack for this movie is also utterly amazing. It was composed by Bear McCreary and he decided to use children’s toys and musical instruments for all of the music. I thought that this added a really awesome and unique touch to the whole film. The music sounded amazing and he did a great job composing it.

There were just two things that I wasn’t too fond of. First, the opening scene wasn’t necessarily my favorite. I won’t say what happened as that is a spoiler… however it just didn’t make a whole lot of sense and was kind of cheesy. I stated earlier that I enjoyed the pacing of this film, however I honestly wish that there could have been another 10 or 15 minutes. The final act seemed kind of rushed and I wish that I could have seen another kill or two. Other than those two things, I enjoyed everything else about this movie.

I feel like some critics are giving this film a lower rating just because it is labeled as a “Child’s Play” film. I think that is unfair, as I believe this was a very exciting and entertaining film. When reviewing a film you should base it on the film alone and not for being a remake or part of a certain franchise. This movie will probably have a lot of bad reviews, however I think that it will garner some good ones as well. If you go into the film already hating it then you will find a way to not like it. In the end, I believe that most horror fans will enjoy this movie as it has a lot of good kills and brings back a beloved character in a more modern way.

Rating- 8 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness. The new Child’s Play brings new kills and a fresh take on Chucky. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who loves horror and I hope that we get a sequel!

Thank you for reading this review and feel free to comment what you thought of Child’s Play. You may also suggest any other movies or TV shows that you would like to see reviewed or ranked. Cinema lovers unite!

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