Annabelle Comes Home (2019) Movie Review

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Annabelle Comes Home was directed by Gary Dauberman and co-written with James Wan. This wasn’t a bad film… however, I found myself wondering why it was necessary at all besides a cash grab.

The beginning of the film features Ed and Lorraine Warren taking the Annabelle doll back to their home and locking it away to keep the spirits at bay. Ed and Lorraine then leave for a night and leave their daughter Judy with her babysitter Mary. After her friend Daniela comes over and tries to snoop around the night turns into chaos. The many different spirits are unleashed around the house and they the main characters have to find a way to get Annabelle locked up again.

I really enjoyed the cast in this film as I believe that they all did a very good job. Patrick Wilson played Ed and Vera Farmiga played Lorraine Warren. As usual they both did a very good job for the surprisingly short amount of screen time that they had. McKenna Grace played their daughter Judy and she also did good. I thought that her character was pretty interesting and she did a good job of expressing all of her emotions throughout the film. Madison Iseman played Judy’s babysitter Mary who was really the main character in the film. Her character was somewhat clueless to all of the bad that was going on. She kept noticing weird things throughout and when all of the spirits were finally unleashed she did a good job of showing pure terror. Finally, Katie Sarife played Daniela who was Mary’s friend who came over. Her character definitely made some very stupid decisions, however she did a good job with the role that she was given. Overall, all of the cast did a great job in their roles which really helped the movie.

The main positive of this film was the cast, but after that another plus was all of the spirits in it. I thought that mostly all of them looked really good and some of them will probably get their own spin-offs. The next thing that I enjoyed was the continuing tension that the film continued to build throughout. You could feel something bad was going to happen and it just kept building and building until finally it went completely haywire. The final half hour of the movie was probably my favorite as we got to see all of the craziness occurring. Finally, the opening scene to the movie was just amazing. There was a lot of tension inside of it and it was really the only scene featuring Ed and Lorraine Warren. The scene was shot beautifully and it genuinely added a creepiness that carried on to the rest of the movie.

The huge negative that I had with this film was that there really wasn’t a story. There were a bunch of haunted or cursed objects that were unleashed and there was really no story to it. The movie kept jumping to different scares one after another. I was never really scared at all honestly as jump scares usually do not faze me. I felt as if this movie was completely unnecessary as there was no purpose. It was really the same as the first two films, but it was just executed better. I also was disappointed to see that Ed and Lorraine Warren were really only in the movie for about 20 or so minutes. I was expecting them to be in the film a lot longer and I was bummed to see that they weren’t.

Annabelle Comes Home was a movie that I enjoyed as I am a big fan of horror and the Conjuring universe. However, I felt as if this was an unnecessary entry and it was just made to make some money as there was really no story in it. I was slightly disappointed leaving this movie as I wanted more from it. I would still recommend seeing it if you are a horror fan as it is still a decent entry

Rating- 6.5 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness. A movie filled with jump scares and evil spirits that really doesn’t live up to my expectations.

Thank you for reading this review and feel free to comment what you thought of Annabelle Comes Home. You may also suggest any other movies or TV shows that you would like to see reviewed or ranked. Cinema lovers unite!

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