Booksmart (2019) Movie Review

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Booksmart was released in the U.S. on May 24, 2019 and directed by Olivia Wilde. It is a very refreshing and entertaining comedy.

The story features our two main characters Amy and Molly who have just focused on school throughout all of high school. On the last day of school they realize that all of the people who didn’t try are still going to the same colleges as them. The night before graduation they decide to go to a party and have fun which leads to a lot of craziness.

I really enjoyed the cast of this movie. The two main characters, Amy played by Kaitlyn Dever and Molly played by Beanie Feldstein brought all of the charisma and charm to the movie and were really the reason that it worked so well. They both did a good job of bringing a lot of comedy to the film, while also seeming like real high school students.There were also times when they had to be upset or even angry and those scenes allowed for these two women to show off their acting skills even more. Amy was also homosexual and Kaitlyn Dever definitely did a good job of really showing her emotions and making the role feel real. They were really the only two people featured in the film and they definitely did a splendid job.

The main thing that I enjoyed about this film was the several messages that it gave. Life moves by really fast so rather than just getting by we need to have fun sometimes. It also gave the message that we need to feel comfortable with who we are and accept ourselves. To me, the whole film just felt like it could be relatable to anyone. Sometimes we are all the outcasts and don’t feel like we fit in. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have many friends. It’s just really a movie that I think anyone can connect with which is a huge positive. The next positive aspect was the story. We have kind of seen the story before with the straight A students going to a party. However, this movie pulled it off in a very different way and made it entertaining and real. The second half of the movie had a lot of emotional scenes which I think helped the film to not just be a comedy, but also be a heartwarming story. The characters were hilarious, the story was amazing, and it was overall just an amazing movie.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this movie was that it felt a little bit rushed towards the end. It moved along pretty smoothly, but towards the end of the movie the scenes started going by a lot faster. Ultimately, I wish that they would have added another 10 minutes to the film.

Overall, this is an amazing film that I would recommend to almost anyone. It has a story with multiple aspects so it can be relatable to anyone and it is just very entertaining.

Rating- 9 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

Thank you for reading this review and feel free to comment what you thought of Booksmart. You may also suggest any other movies or TV shows that you would like to see reviewed or ranked. Cinema lovers unite!

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