Good Boys (2019) Movie Review

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Good Boys is the story of three sixth grade boys named Max, Lucas, and Thor who go on the journey of their life throughout one day. They call themselves “The Bean Bag Boys” and they do everything together. This film was directed by Gene Stupnitsky and it is a very different comedy than most people are used to.

The movie features Jacob Tremblay as Max, Keith L. Williams as Lucas, and Brady Noon as Thor. For the most part, I thought that each of these boys did a good job overall. They each had to develop their own persona and even had to show some emotions at times. There were certain scenes where the acting was pretty bad, but that is acceptable as it is a film that features children. The only other two people featured in the film were Molly Gordon as Hannah and Midori Francis as Lily. These girls could be labeled as the “villains” of the film, and both of them delivered very comedic performances. I appreciated what they brought to the story as their sequences with the boys were hilarious. Overall, the cast was selected very well and they all delivered favorable performances.

The first thing that I enjoyed about Good Boys was the comedy. The story was structured in a way that honestly kept me laughing throughout the whole runtime. The boys also had amazing chemistry which allowed for some hilarious scenes. The next positive aspect of the film was that it was just pure entertainment. You can’t walk into a movie like this expecting an intricate plot line or even thinking that it will be realistic. It is a great 90 minute ride of constant comedy and entertainment and I appreciate movies like that. The final aspect that I respected about this movie was the ending. While the first half of the film is complete comedy, the final 30 minutes actually become very emotional. The ending of the movie delivers a very good message about life and I enjoyed seeing the tone shift from comedy to an actual touching message about friendship.

The main thing that I disliked about Good Boys was seeing the young boys do all of these awful things. It features them getting drugs, fighting older people, drinking alcohol, and a lot of sex jokes quite often throughout the film. Keep in mind that they are in sixth grade so I definitely hope that this is not a realistic story. I am usually not a big fan of movies that feature younger children drinking and making awful decisions. These types of films usually don’t resonate with me all that much as I never did any of those things. This isn’t a major negative aspect for me because of the ending. Honestly, about halfway through the film I was getting bored as it was just constant cussing by the boys, but the tone shift then made me enjoy it more.

This is definitely not a film for everyone. It features a lot of profanity, some drinking, and just a lot of weird scenarios for sixth grade boys. In the end, it was very enjoyable for me as they were able to make a comedy movie, while also adding a really touching message in the end. I would recommend this to adults who like comedy movies, but definitely don’t bring your kids as it is very inappropriate.

Rating- 8 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

Thank you for reading this review and feel free to comment what you thought of Good Boys. Cinema lovers unite!

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