Ready or Not (2019) Movie Review

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Ready or Not was released earlier this year and was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Some came out of this film somewhat disappointed, however I did not feel that way at all.

The huge positive aspect of this film is what everyone else has said: Samara Weaving. She played the bride named Grace, and she was absolutely phenomenal. She carried the whole film on her back and had several amazing moments. I cannot praise her enough for how well she did in this film. The next huge positive of the movie was the plot of the film. While it was very simple, it was also unlike anything we have really seen before. A bride being forced to play hide and seek on the night of her wedding and not knowing that others are trying to kill her. While it is a very suspenseful plot, it also allows for several hilarious moments which were great to see. The next positive is that they didn’t take themselves too seriously while making it. The film continuously throws comedy at the audience and they do a great job with it. They never force it into our faces, but rather pick great times to enter it to make for a good laugh. The final positive to me was the ending. Others disliked it, however I was sitting in the theater laughing out loud hysterically for several minutes. I thought it was the perfect ending and I didn’t expect it at all. They chose something so unpredictable, yet so funny, that it was just amazing to see.

The main negative aspect of the film is that there was never really a huge showdown between her and the family. While the film does end with her being victorious, we never really get to see her face off everyone. The film kind of just ends and I wish that they could have added a few more sequences of them battling it out.

This is a very short review as I completely loved this movie. If you are a fan of horror, or even comedy, I think that you will love this film. Every aspect of it was done well and I walked out with a huge smile on my face.

Rating- 9 out of 10 on the scale of awesomeness.

Thank you for reading this review and feel free to comment what you thought of Ready or Not. CINEMA LOVERS UNITE!

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