House of Gucci: Trailer Reaction

The new trailer for House of Gucci released! Found out my thoughts here:


From MGM, House of Gucci (directed by Ridley Scott) details the true behind the scenes story of the Gucci family. The film follows the divorce of Patrizia and Maurizio Gucci and the betrayals that eventually lead to murder. The release date for House of Gucci is November 24, 2021.

Notable Cast:

Lady Gaga–Patrizia Reggiani

Adam Driver–Maurizio Gucci

Jared Leto–Paolo Gucci

Jeremy Irons–Rodolfo Gucci

Salma Hayek–Pina Auriemma

Al Pacino–Aldo Gucci


My Thoughts:

Might as well just start off with THIS CAST IS INSANE! Not only is Ridley Scott directing, but it also boasts a completely star-studded cast. I think that it will be very interesting to see how the main duo of Adam Driver and Lady Gaga pair together. In my eyes, I believe that it is a perfect match. Lady Gaga put on a terrific performance in A Star is Born and Adam Driver was exceptional in Netflix’s Marriage Story. Both of those roles were very emotional, which I think will benefit them as they go through an intense divorce (along with murder…) in this film.

Looking back at the cast, I also have to mention… what in the heck is going on with Jared Leto? Here is his poster for the film:

My brain simply refuses to believe or even correlate that Jared Leto is the person in the image above. It is insanely impressive how amazing this makeup looks, quite literally transforming him into an entirely different person.

I don’t know much about the Gucci story, so this trailer did an awesome job at attracting my interest. I am expecting a wild ride and am definitely excited to check this one out once it hits theaters in November!

Are you excited for House of Gucci? Let me know in the comments! And as always…


5 comments on “House of Gucci: Trailer Reaction”

  1. I Think Lady Gaga should be Casting as Gráinne (Grace O’Malley) In a musical film adaptation Of The Pirate Queen


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