The Suicide Squad (2021): All Task Force X Members Ranked

Here is my ranking of all of the Suicide Squad members, from my least favorite to favorite.

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14. Mongal

I was pretty unfamiliar with Mongal before going into The Suicide Squad and I left feeling the same way. Unlike the other members of the squad, Mongal didn’t really present that many personality traits, leaving me to wonder what her character is actually like.

13. Captain Boomerang

What was such a key character in the 2016 version, was basically non-existent here. While Captain Boomerang may be a groovy name, he still isn’t a very memorable addition to the squad.

12. Blackguard

Blackguard’s fear of werewolves was a stand-out moment in the opening sequence, with him trying to figure out what exactly Weasel was. He is also the character that single-handedly wreaks immense havoc on the well-being of other squad members.

11. Javelin

Javelin has a cool suit and obviously… a javelin. While he isn’t in the movie for very long, he does pass his javelin off to Harley Quinn, which keeps his spirit alive throughout the whole film.

10. T.D.K.

T.D.K.’s super-power is awesome. It is as simple as that. But… it is not effective at all, which leads to a laugh-out-loud moment. I still wish that we would have been able to see a little bit more of him here.

9. Savant

Savant is the first character that we are introduced to and he wants nothing to do with the “famous suicide squad”. I thought that what he did in the opening battle was hilarious.

8. Weasel

Weasel is up this high simply because I think that it is magnificently hysterical that he actually made it into The Suicide Squad. While Weasel isn’t a major character in the film, I was still laughing every time that he was on screen, which is really the main purpose of this ugly creature.

7. Rick Flag

Joel Kinnaman delivered an exceptional performance here as Rick Flag. While he wasn’t necessarily my favorite character, I still appreciated the direction that the film went with him. He is the only member of the group who doesn’t actually kill people in his daily life, so he was a refreshing breath of sanity to the squad.

6. Ratcatcher 2

A surprisingly high-ranking character for me, as I had never really heard of her before going into The Suicide Squad. Ratcatcher 2 had more of a backstory than other individuals on the team, which gives her character a lot more depth. We learn why she uses rats as the focus of her super-power and it is actually quite heartfelt.

5. Peacemaker

Peacemaker was a great addition to the “suicide squad”. He provided many of the jokes throughout the movie, but he also became a major source of conflict later on in the film that I wasn’t expecting. Cena pulled off the best performance of his career in my opinion and I am very excited to see more of him as Peacemaker in the future.

4. Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie has become one of the most iconic super-villains of all time in her portrayal of Harley Quinn. I thought that The Suicide Squad offered us the most unique glimpse of her character and it was definitely my favorite Harley Quinn performance from Robbie.

Her action sequences are phenomenal and unconventional, just how they should be with the deranged, psycho Harley Quinn.

3. King Shark

King Shark is voiced by Sylvester Stallone and it is an absolutely perfect match. While King Shark is mostly utilized for comedic relief, I actually thought that there was some good character development mixed in there as well.

He starts off willing to literally eat the other members, but by the end of the film he feels as if he has friends. For a “dumb” shark, that was actually pretty cool to see.

2. Bloodsport

There’s not much that is needed to be said here… Idris Elba… playing a super-villain/hero. Sign me up.

In all seriousness, Bloodsport is the heart and soul of Task Force X and the movie would have been completely different without him. His character starts off cold, but continuously creates emotional connections with his team members throughout. His weapons are also off the charts, leading to some awesome fight sequences.

  1. Polka-Dot Man

Having Polka-Dot Man as my favorite “super-hero” from The Suicide Squad is a complete shocker to me. His character had the perfect amount of baggage attached to him, which really allowed me to care much more about him. You could sense that he didn’t have a lot of confidence and his journey with the other members of the team in this movie allowed him to grow as a person. I had a huge smirk on my face when he screamed, “I’m a super-hero!”. It was so amazing to see him grow up to that point, so that he actually had the confidence to use his powers in a good way. Along with that, his power is absolutely SWEET. Being able to actually see him shooting polka-dots at people in a live-action movie was awesome!

I truly enjoyed seeing all of these characters in The Suicide Squad, but some were definitely better than others.

Who was your favorite character in The Suicide Squad? Let me know in the comments and as always…


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